The Board

  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew graduated from Hull University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and began his career as an accountant. He founded Simplytrak Limited in May 2003 and has guided the company’s growth and success ever since. Together with Alison Johnson he launched Forward & Thinking in 2009 and this company has now become the trusted provider of media buying to Universities, Colleges, Councils and a diverse sector of private enterprises. Andrew co-founded Wold Outdoor in 2017 and has responsibility for the SAAS Group's overall activities. Prior to 2003 Andrew ran various businesses in the USA and Europe.‍

  • Alison Johnson

    Alison has many years’ experience in the media sector and in particular media sales. She spent 7 years managing the sales team at Alpha radio and then Galaxy Radio (now Global), before co-founding Forward & Thinking in 2009. Alison has built the company from start-up, through a successful pivot (due to a technology disruption created by smartphones) into a well-respected media and advertising agency with strong customer relationships and a solid reputation.